5 Reasons to Book a Lake Michigan Vacation Rental This Summer

written by Valerie Gangas | May 16, 2023 | Southwest Michigan

Looking ahead to the swiftly approaching days of summer–and what fun-filler times, planned adventures or simple R&R might be beckoning you—here are five excellent reasons to consider booking your summer vacation at any of a number of Juniper’s Lake Michigan beach house rentals.

1) Miles and miles of magnificent beaches

View of Lake Michigan Beach and shoreline

For decades, countless vacationers have known about (and flocked to!) the pristine beaches gracing Lake Michigan, one of North America’s five Great Lakes, with 1600 miles of incredible shoreline. And while “a picture is worth a thousand words” (see the accompanying photos), you should know the Southwest Michigan beaches—particularly where a number of our Juniper vacation rentals are located—are held in especially high regard for their white sand beaches, miles of blue water and, quite often wind-sculpted sand dunes. In fact, Conde Naste Traveler magazine named Oval Beach in Saugatuck one of the top 25 beaches in the world… and in the top 2 freshwater beaches!

2) An amazing range of other outdoor activities (i.e., besides the beach!)

Golf Clubs and Golf Balls

Let’s see, where do we start? How about the region’s largest recreational harbor, with boating, jet-ski and fishing charter rentals available, even yacht cruises? Then there’s woodland, lake and riverside parks with hiking and biking trails galore, plus great opportunities for fishing, canoeing, kayaking, paddleboarding, and plenty of birdwatching. And did you know Michigan has the most public golf courses than any other state in the U.S.? Taking in a round of golf at a superb local course is easy-peasy while you vacation along Lake Michigan’s shores. Then again, there’s always that other optional summertime “activity”: Simply stretching out and relaxing in the peaceful outdoors.

3) Plenty of local & nationally-recognized festivals & cultural events to choose from

Couple Listening To Music In Park

While enjoying your stay at a Lake Michigan beach rental, there are also all sorts of fun and enriching events you can revel in. From renowned summertime art festivals and acclaimed musical artist performances to local weekend farmers markets and Friday Night Concert series, good times abound with wonderful ways to get out and experience the rich culture available in Southwest Michigan. For example, the Lake Bluff Artisan Fair in St. Joseph is a widely popular eclectic array of award-winning artists and craftspeople offering art, décor, jewelry, handcrafted furniture and various crafts, with fair dates in June, July, August and September. And in Saugatuck, you’ll quickly find out why it’s heralded as one of the Midwest’s top art-lover’s destinations and haven for artists. Throughout the summer, art gallery openings and exhibitions there flourish. Oh, you want great live music? Top national and international recording artists regularly play at the historic Acorn Theater in Three Oaks. So get out & have some fun!

4) Wine and craft beer tours through award-winning vineyards and breweries

Grapes on the Vine at a Vineyard

Southwest Michigan includes a wine region (the Lake Michigan Shore AVA/American Viticultural Area) that produces some of the most diverse and flavorful wines you’ve ever tasted, thanks to the “lake effect” weather along the Lake Michigan coastal area. Together, these award-winning wineries make up the Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail, a cluster of superb Michigan vineyards, farms and orchards. marked by the gently rolling hills of Michigan’s “Fruit Ridge.” For wine enthusiasts staying at Lake Michigan beach house rentals, there are several wine tours available in the area. Also, for craft beer lovers, the Waypost Brewery in Fennville is a hugely popular local brewery that not only makes a wide variety of craft beers from produce drawn from its 58-acre farm, but they’ve also won a gold medal at the 2021 Great American Beer Festival!

5) The widely acknowledged “chill vibe” of the Midwest

Two Men In Sunglasses Chilling Near Lake

So many of Juniper’s guests who live on either the East Coast or West Coast of the United States remark to us how kind, friendly and accommodating Midwesterners are. Even Insider has written about it: “The Midwest has a rep for friendly people, a relaxed pace of life and a stress-free lifestyle… Indeed, the Midwest is different than the rest of the country. People are genuinely nice and willing to help others.”1

And though there’s less traffic jams, more wide-open space and room to breathe, it’s the slower tempo and more openhearted nature of Midwesterners that add to the chill vibe of vacationing along Lake Michigan.

1Young, Olivia. “Here are 6 Things All Midwesterners Know to Be True” Insider. 10/12/18

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