Posted on 11/17/2022

What is the Donut Rule?

The Donut Rule is for our clients who wish to be super hosts, whether it is at your home or properties you own. It is wanting to go above and beyond for your guests, providing everything they may need to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable visit. 

The short story about the Juniper Holiday and Home Donut Rule begins with a call from a guest who did not have enough coffee for the ten guests in the house. Michelle, one of our cleaning staff members and a truly integral part of our team, went out to get the guests fresh coffee. She took it upon herself to grab fresh donuts for them as well. That extra mile, the little details, is the Donut Rule we live by at Juniper, because making our guests happy is what makes us happy. 

Juniper Holiday And Home property management is all about the details. Before guests arrive, we turn lights on to provide a cozy glow, turn on the heat or air conditioning for comfortable temperatures, and play soft music in the background. We may also turn on exterior lighting, pool or spa heating. 

We like to light a scented candle (nothing overwhelming or obnoxious!), provide fresh seasonal flowers, a beautiful bottle of wine and treats from a local bakery. We try to involve all five senses, so that every detail has been set up for the comfort and convenience of your guests, ensuring their needs are met, and making them feel pampered.

We create the ultimate guest room complete with an eye pillow, ear plugs, noise machine, carafe of fresh water at the bedside, cozy bathrobe, and slippers.

We can customize for a particular guest if there is a specific type of flowers, scent, or activity they may enjoy. For example, we can provide books, games, a particular variety of wine, etc. 

Keeping snacks and drinks stocked is very important, as having delicious treats can enhance any vacation! If your guests have particular dietary needs (for example, gluten free snacks), we can certainly accommodate them with delicious choices. If they request a particular variety of soda or mixer, we will have those on hand. Providing tasty treats for your guests enhances their vacation experience and makes them want to come back again. 

The Donut Rule ensures we can cover any detail to make your guest's stay amazing. If guests need extra pillows or blankets, towels or tissues, bottled water or picnic ware, we are there to provide whatever items they need.  A sampling of produce from a favorite local market, information regarding farmer's markets in the area, and a list of the best local restaurants that deliver will enhance your guest's experience and make them feel welcome. These little things make you stand out as a host!

As our founder, Valerie Gangas says, go Info-Tastic!  A welcome document with details including contacts for the team with any questions a guest may have, as well as local restaurants, shops, and sights to see are a great way to communicate with guests and ensure they have a wonderful visit.

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