Posted on 10/30/2022

How To Generate Repeat Customers to Your Vacation Home or Rental Property

In the business of renting properties, repeat guests/customers are essential to long term success. Creating a relationship with customers or guests is a way to ensure they return, recommend, and bring in even more guests to stay in your vacation or rental property. 

The Juniper Holiday and Home Donut Rule (see our blog about the Donut Rule!) definitely plays a role in generating repeat business. Success in hosting guests is all about the details, making them feel comfortable, welcome, and impressed! Loyal, satisfied customers are the best advertisement for your property, encouraging new guests to stay in your rental home. 

To begin with, you will want to offer discounts for returning guests and referrals. Everybody loves incentives, and offering discounted rent, a free night, or a paid activity on their next visit for guests referring their friends or coming back to visit can increase your business and customer loyalty. 

You will want to have immediate follow ups for any concerns guests may have. They should have a list of emergency contacts, such as the fire department, medical and dental services, and your property management 24-hour hotline contact number. It is important to follow up with your guests after they check out to ask them about their stay, and how you can improve the customer experience. If your customers leave a review, be sure to respond to them. 

Welcome your guests generously, go above and beyond, and treat them as you would wish to be treated. You can make them feel special with a welcome basket, local wine or homemade food, flowers, a welcome note, and all the things they need to know about the property itself, house rules and contact information. 

Cleanliness is imperative for guests to want to return to the property. You may have many vacation renters coming and going during the high season, with little time in between. Your rental property must be immaculate for each guest, so a thorough, detail-oriented cleaning after each occupant is crucial. The sheets, towels, floors, refrigerator, bathrooms, etc. must be absolutely spotless. 

Knowing or anticipating what your renters need is key to creating excellent guest experiences and returning customers. Your guests need to know what kitchen appliances and supplies are available, whether a washer and dryer are provided, as well as extra linens and bathroom supplies offered at the property.  

Providing a list of local resources, events, and must-see attractions will help guests enjoy their stay and feel like they belong.  If you can recommend particular hikes, sights to see, where to view the best sunset or have a picnic, etc., your guests will appreciate having these insights into what makes your property and location special. 

Your property description should be inviting and accurate, with good quality photographs and property descriptions to give guests a realistic idea of the property and any special amenities you offer.  An inaccurate property description can result in renters not wishing to return. Make sure you respond to any questions quickly and accurately.

Returning customers become an extension of your business family, and the relationship should be treated with care and respect. One of the best ways to ensure repeat customers is to hire professional management to provide the best guest experience for your new and repeat guests!

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